Airports offer a wide range of products to give your brand a perfect stage.  Our Team knows everything about  availabilities and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details or a guided tour at Zurich Airport.


Digital Branding Media

Digital advertising on two screens. At each site you can book the two advertising spaces as a package for stills without sound. You decide how long your commercial should last.


ad-e-motion is an installation of high definition LCD screens set up in a row to create a perspective axis displaying coordinated and synchronized advertising messages along the moving walkways. The limited number of advertising messages on display guarantees that your message will reach every single passer-by.

Flight Information Media

Guaranteed to attract the attention of every single passenger and visitor. Place your advert on our network of flight information boards and benefit from exposure to millions of potential customers per year.

Baggage Claim Media

Baggage Claim Media provides the possibility to broadcast different multimedia contents in various formats. Baggage Claim Media Plus is the perfect complement– in eye-catching portrait format, right next to the luggage carousels.


Conventional media

Formats F12 / F200

lluminated displays, positioned directly overhead provide unobstructed visibility along walkways, staircases and escalators and offer a panoramic view to a captive audience.

Special formats


These large size formats offer inescapable visibility.

Branding zones

Branded areas provide unique opportunities for advertisers to reach their target group while energizing a controlled environment.


Long-lasting advertising impact: seamless panels starting from a meter up to 18,5 meters length.

XXL Lightboxes

Huge vertical or horizontal banners cannot be ignored as travelers pass under or alongside of them. Seamless are available in various sizes.

Baggage trolleys

They go where passengers go. Baggage trolleys are not zoned out of any areas in an airport.