ad-e-motion is an installation of seven 65” high-definition LCD screens set up in a row to create a perspective axis displaying coordinated and synchronized advertising messages. It allows your advertising creation to accompany airline passengers along the moving walkways in Terminal A, thus guaranteeing increased impact and attention span.

The package available at Zurich Airport includes one ad-e-motion installation aimed at arriving passengers and one in departures, in the most-frequented terminal walkway. It can be booked for 3-, 6- or 12-month periods. The spots are restricted to eight seconds and the limited number of advertising messages on display guarantees that your message will reach every single passer-by.

ad-e-motion pricing

Our Airport Advertising team will be pleased to offer a detailed ad-e-motion advertising package for Zurich Airport.






Baggage Claim Media

The Baggage Claim Media package offers the possibility to broadcast different multimedia content in various
formats – still pictures, Flash animations, and video spots. All broadcasts are shown without sound.

  • 100% coverage in luggage halls 1+2
  • 10 million passengers per year
  • 34 synchronized screens
  • 324 transmissions per day
  • Total of 8 spots lasting 25 seconds

Baggage Claim Media Plus

Baggage Claim Media Plus – the perfect complement to «Baggage Claim Media» – in eye-catching portrait format, right next to the luggage carousels. The monitors can be booked as an advertising space to show stills, Flash animations or videos. Transmissions are synchronized across all monitors and shown without sound.

  • 100% exposure to incoming passengers in baggage hall 2
  • 4.8 million passengers per year
  • Five synchronized display monitors
  • 405 transmissions (loops) a day for your advertisement
  • A total of four ten-second adverts

Digital Branding Media

Digital Branding Media: digital advertising on two screens at Check-in 1 and Check-in 2. These advertising solutions/packages have the potential to reach over five million passengers each at Zurich Airport every year. At each site you can book the two advertising spaces as a package for stills without sound. You decide how long your commercial should last.

Creative Guidelines Digital Branding Media at Airport Zurich


Flight Information Media

Guaranteed to attract the attention of every single passenger and visitors using Airport Shopping at Zurich Airport.
Place your advert on our network of 94 flight information boards and benefit from exposure to 25 million potential customers per year.
With digital advertising, you can generate interest in your services and products among high-income business and holiday travellers and all visitors to Airport Shopping.

Case Study Flight Information Media