Surprise effects

Turn the Clear Channel billboard site into a stage for your advertising message. Challenge us with your own ideas. We provide support with advice on legal questions, as well as production and realization.

Presentation of 15 brands by a single advertiser

The well-known jewellery shop Les Ambassadeurs has created an outstanding presentation featuring a variety of brands, displayed around the lakeside in Lucerne.

For two weeks, the analogue and digital out-of-home displays at top-class, highly frequented locations around Lucerne’s lakeshore were occupied by exclusive watch brands. Each poster site glittered with a presentation featuring a single brand. A perfect campaign of a kind only the OOH medium can offer. 

  • Exclusiveness and variety ensure an eye-catching presence
  • Concentrated in a specific time frame, at highly frequented sites
  • Positioned in close proximity to the point of sale

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1 night – 1 brand – 1162 poster sites

Full branding campaign for Digitec Galaxus AG

Digitec Galaxus AG booked all the advertising spaces at bus and tram stops on the Zurich city public transport network (VBZ).

According to Martin Walthert, Chief Marketing Officer and a Director of Digitec Galaxus AG: “We are fully persuaded of the value of out-of-home advertising and its extensive reach. Used correctly, it achieves good impact and high visibility. The sites in the city area covered by VBZ serve an interesting target group which often spends time waiting.”

Watch the video.

Poster AnlikerAlarm, 2016

Backlit posters equipped with sirens and a movement sensor were installed at locations with a high volume of pedestrian traffic. The poster gave both a visual response and a noise alarm in the upper two-digit decibel range the moment a passer-by approached.

Watch the video., October 2016

Watch the video.

Live-Streaming at the "Zürifäscht" – Summerslide 2016 with Fanta Switzerland

Watch the video.

UBS - mountain offer, july 2016

The customer supplied us with a prefabricated 3D element in, which we mounted on our poster site.

Posters that depend on the weather, april 2016

Springtime in Switzerland can bring dramatic changes in the weather. The cosmetics company Marionnaud aims to show that its offering has products to suit every weather. The creative idea behind a campaign to underline this diversity was based on a direct link to the conditions. If it rains, waterproof mascara is recommended; when the sun shines, the ads feature sun cream. Watch the video.

International day end violence against women, 15 december 2015

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Frauenzentrale Zürich is challenging people to speak out against domestic violence. Via a digital screen, passers-by can step in and stop an escalating argument. See film.

Fol Epi 3D poster site, 25 September 2015

The customer supplied us with a prefabricated 3D element in the form of a butterfly, which we mounted on our poster site.

Graubünden Ferien, 03.06.2015

The tourism organization Graubünden Ferien sprang a surprise on commuters at Zurich Main Station on 3 June, enticing them to come to Graubünden’s mountains. A typical Graubünden mountain farmer was beamed on one of Clear Channel’s digital screens in a live video broadcast from Val Lumnezia. The surprise event was captured on film.

Marlboro 3D poster site, 23 April 2015

The customer supplied us with a prefabricated 3D element in the form of a cigarette packet, which we mounted on our F24 poster site with the aid of a Skyworker.

Desperados posters turn into extraordinary artworks, 30 April 2015

The tequila-flavoured beer Desperados joined forces with artists J. Anelone, 242 and OneTruth to create posters the “Desperados way”. The collaboration resulted in four works of art, located in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich, that deserve the “unique” tag.

Watch the “making-of” video here.

Desperados “tear-off” posters to take away, 30 April 2015

The customer provided us with prefabricated 3D blocks which can be attached to the poster site very simply using double-sided tape.  Passers-by were given the unique opportunity to tear off a poster and take it with them.

Breaking into poster sites for Anliker Alarm, 18.08.2014

Passers-by witnessed a break-in thanks to this special poster campaign. The glazed Clear Channel poster sites were left open to give the impression of a window that had been forced by burglars.

Watch the making-of movie.

Turning megaposters into shopping bags, 13.08.2014

Emirates has turned a huge Clear Channel megaposter from Zurich Airport into hundreds of reusable shopping bags. This video shows how it was done.



3D Plakat

Amour in Winterthur, 30.07.2014

A single site was booked for this special poster display when a man from Winterthur proposed to his girlfriend on one of our billboards.


3D Plakat

H&M Home Inspiration, 25.02.2014

For this particular posting we have pasted up neutral white posters onto our billboard sites. In the city of Berne 14 highly talented artists have then demonstrated their skills in the open air with the topic HOME INSPIRATION.

Watch the making-of movie:

3D Plakat

McDonald's fresh fries every second, 16.12.2013

For this special poster, the Trivision panels were used exclusively to display three successive images. The potato in the first image is transformed into a traditional portion of McDonald's fries, simply through the rotation of the three-sided prisms. This perfectly captures the message visualized in the treatment.

This video shows how it was done.

Perry Center, 08.04.2013

For this 3D advertising board, the customer supplied pre-assembled pirate hats which were installed above the poster.

SportXX, 18.03.2013

For this 3D advertising, 50 removable adhesive notes were taped on F200 billboards. Passengers could easily remove the notes which led to a 20% discount on the Fiällräven assortment in the respective “Outdoor SportXX” branch.


Ford, 22.10.2012

For this 3D advertising board, the client delivered ready assembled F12 billboards which were installed on existing steel plates.

Denner, 19.01.2012

Denner delivered ready assembled bails, which we placed on the top of the paperbags.

Mobiliar, 08.11.2011

Another successful ad in the "damage sketch" campaign, which can be seen in
Zurich and Nyon until 20 November 2012.

Basler Insurance, 09.05.2011

A poster of "Basler Insurance" was fixed to the billboard before wrapping.

Floralp Easter, 11.04.2011

The client delivered ready assembled F12 billboards which were installed on existing steel plates.

Outdoor Sport XX, 16.08.2010

At this public notice approx. 100 little tree air refreshener were fixed on the billboard. Those could be easily taken off by passers-by and authorised the owner to a price deduction of 10% by purchasing at “Outdoor Sport XX” shops.

Nestea, 05.07.2010

The customer posted in each case 3 billboards in paralell on which we placed the subjects (1,2,3).

Clientis, 07.06.2010

With this 3D posting the customer delivered the fully assembled figure including fixation. The figures were fixed to our advertising billboards.

Philip Morris, 15.02.2010

Philip Morris delivered special manufactured 3-D boards which replaced a F12 steel plate.

Duckies, 04.01.2010

The customer produced a special assembled film, placed it on our panel sheet and fixed boxes of wet tissues on it.

Basler Insurance, 14.12.2009

The special designed frame was delivered directly by customer and fixed into the aluminium frame by our staff. Then a Christmas tree decorated with an illuminated string was placed in the centre of the net.

Volvo, 02.11.2009

Special plastic plate mounted on extisting advertising medium.

Migros Gastro Délifit, 03.11.2008

Several plastic plates were fixed on the billboard. people could take off the plates and exchange it at the Migros restaurant near by with a free meal.

Floralp Butter, 08.09.2008

For this campaign a special board on which a poster was cut out has been delivered

Perry Center 35 Jahre Geburtstags-Party, 24.-27.04.2008

The object hung-in the billboard and is bolt together from the back.

Kent, 26.02.2007

The effect of this outsized version of the top of a cigarette packet was perfectly accentuated by the internal lighting which was switched on between 6.30 pm and midnight.

Migros: fresh bread with clock, 28.08.2006

The clock was fixed to the hoarding using special tape.

CSL Immobilien: Toro, 26.09.2005

The red cloth was fixed to the upper part of the hoarding using special tape.

Nationalfeuertag, 04.07.2005

The map of Switzerland was cut out of an F12-format board and then attached to the F12-format hoarding.

L & M, 08.09.2003

The existing alu billboard was replaced with a transparent board. 

L & M, 08.09.2003

A plastic plate was fixed on an existing board. Afterwards the hemisphere was fixed on the plastic plate with special tape.

Ikea: sale 30.06.2003

A Sofa was fixed with metallic clamps on billboard.

Chrysler Stratus Cabrio, 12.08.2002

Cut out F12 Billboard by request.

Berner newspaper: animals, 01.07.2002

A billboard was placed temporary in front of a Shopping mall. Two dogs organized by a customer were tide up at the girder.

CoiffureSuisse: hair, 06.05.2002

The fur was fixed to the hoarding using special tape.

Stauffacher Tor, 21.05.2001

Balloons were fixed with laces on girder of billboard.

Assugrin: Removal, 21.05.2001

Assugrin bags were fixed with double faced adhesive tape on billboard.

Jobs, 06.11.2000

The 3-D objects (electric cables, water tap and metal pipe) were mounted directly onto the board after the advertising had been pasted onto the hoarding.

Berner Zeitung, 31.07.2000

The advertising site was set up in an outdoor swimming area.