Clear Channel’s social and environmental commitment

Urs Zeier, Chief Development Officer & CSR Officer

«Social, economical an environmental  responsibility  has a high priority at Clear Channel Switzerland. We believe that business should contribute to sustainable development to an extent that goes beyond what is required by law.»




With the measures concerning the environment, society, employees and economie, we aim to make a contribution to globally sustainable development. Since 2014, our focus has been the strategic alignment of our activities, capitalising on cooperation with recognised partners.

2017 Start of data collection in accordance with GRI
Use of electric vehicles
2016 Long-term strategic cooperation with Swissclimate
Relocation of Zurich office to Minergie building
2015 Environmental consulting with EKZ Zurich
myclimate carbon offsetting for air travel
2014 Evaluation and documentation of CSR activities in cooperation with the University of Applied Science in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ)
Decision to commit to the Smart Cities initiative
2010 -2014 Introduction of ‘Clear Tours’ for optimised route planning
Regular eco driver training and safety training
Development of compliance rules
Since 2010 Gradual optimisation of recycling rates