Eco-drive campaign uses cross-media strategy to produce lasting results

In June 2016, a study was conducted to assess the impact of the “Drive Clever” campaign to promote eco-friendly driving. The poster campaign, which was implemented in the German and French language areas of Switzerland, consisted of four different visuals and was displayed over a period of two weeks at quality sites owned by Clear Channel Switzerland. The campaign was supported by a number of online advertising measures.


There was clear evidence of the long-term success of the cross-media strategy.
Over a third of respondents who were able to recall the campaign said that it prompted them to change their driving style.

This remarkable response is the result of the positive perception of the campaign and its clear and readily comprehensible message.
70% of respondents who took notice of the campaign saw it on a poster.
Of these, 73% had a positive impression, and 36% had a clear recollection of it. There were no negative impressions.

The question “What is the message of the campaign in your opinion?” was answered by the majority with statements reflecting the subjects raised by “Driving Clever”:

With prompting, 21% of the respondents recalled having seen the campaign.
Among 15- to 29-year-olds the number rose to 30%, significantly higher than the control group.