OoH & mobile: the perfect combination

The cross-media offer by Clear Channel and Adello

Regarding OOH, no medium is faster when it comes to achieving high reach. Therefore, OOH is indispensable for branding and sale. Being the only mass medium, OOH plays an important role as gatekeeper for online campaigns and mobile advertising, whose strength is interactivity.

With Adello’s support, Clear Channel launches two innovative offers that will leverage the advantages of both media:

  • «Amplify» – campaign extension
    With OOH advertising, the advertiser generates publicity and attracts attention for his message. Audience close to a billboard – i.e. who see the respective advertising – get deepening additional information on their mobile phones, such as videos or order forms.

  • «Performance» – campaign reaction and customer acquisition
    Employing its self-optimizing, awarded models, Adello generates a profile out of all persons who – close to the respective billboard – react to the campaign by accessing additional information on their mobile phones. Afterwards, persons with similar profiles in general population will also be targeted with the respective advertising, regardless of whether they are close to a billboard or not. By doing so, the OOH campaign achieves additional reach with persons who exactly comply with the advertiser’s target group.


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