POS - Point of sale

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made at the POS.

Advertise where purchase decisions are made.

When people are intending to buy, they pay attention to advertising – and the closer the purchase decision comes, the more attention the advertising gets. When posters are put up, the average rise in sales across all segments can be as much as 20%. It is the billboard that sends the final signal. Once consumers have made the decision to buy, they will find that they get to the checkout with much more in their shopping trolley than they intended. Over 70% of purchases are spontaneous, only 30% are planned.* Booking our poster sites at shopping centres (points of sale) will get maximum coverage for your product: for example, in 90% of all Coop Mega-stores and 70% of all Migros MMM centres.

10 good reasons for advertising at the POS.

* source: POPAI 1999

Our offering at POS

POS billboard sites

Booking our poster sites at shopping centres will get maximum coverage for your product.

Digital Shopping Media

With Digital Shopping Media, advertising becomes an animated eye-catcher and an active sales driver.

Filling stations

Presence in the fastest-growing shopping market.

Tools – plan your POS campaign

Plan your POS campaign the easy way with our calculation tools:


Expert advice for POS campaigns

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