Our platform is much more than just a network of advertising displays. Correctly deployed, this most likeable of advertising media offers maximum benefit to the local population and helps finance potential uses of a non-commercial nature.

As service providers, we are able to network with a wide range of actors to realize effective smart city solutions. Thanks to our international presence, we can draw on a rich fund of ideas and experience.


The City Map is a service for providing targeted information and route guidance for city residents and visitors. The main features of the City Map are:

• interactive and easy to use
• accessible by wheelchair users
• works in four languages
• shows various points of interest
• real-time departure times of nearby local transport connections
• link to smartphone

The verdict of a survey of 1000 passers-by in Lucerne

• 68 percent rated the City Map as “very good” and 27 percent as “quite good”
• 82 percent found the content to be complete
• 86 percent preferred the digital version to the traditional street map
• 80 percent said they could envisage this type of map in a highly frequented place
• 62 percent could also envisage them at bus stops
• Digital advertising in parks or by busy roads was rejected by the majority of respondents