Public transport advertising

Transport advertising that reaches your mobile target group

Advertising on and around public transport

With advertising on public transport you can reach commuters, city-based workers and shoppers as they wait and travel.

These prominent displays generate good recall and enhance brand awareness.

Reach high-spending mobile target groups in the Basel region

Mobile advertising on trams and buses of the Basel public transport systems (BVB and BLT) ensures your advertising has a high profile and great impact.

Use of public transport in Basel is above average compared with other cities. Today’s increased mobility means people are easier to reach on the move than at home.

Facts and figures
– Extensive presence in Basel and suburbs and at all busy public transport hubs
– Top-quality advertising displays on 32 lines and 400 vehicles
– BVB and BLT together carry 510’000 passengers every day*: reach urban, mobile target groups
– 80% of all public transport users in the “Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz”
(NW Switzerland’s tariff association) use BVB or BLT services**
– Advertising on buses and trams is rated the most likeable form of advertising in Basel**
– Above-average awareness of advertising due to strong media performance**
* Source:
** Source: Moving Media Basel AG 2017; 327 online interviews of respondents aged 18-60 years / cantons BS & BL / 27 Dec 2016 – 4 Jan 2017

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