Digital advertising in a highly exclusive setting

Reach your target group of highspending luxury customers in a relaxed atmosphere with above-average retention times. Clear Channel is offering you exclusive full coverage of all lounge guests in Docks A and and full presence in Business, Senator and First Lounges at Zurich Airport.

Some persuasive facts.

  • Zurich Airport: an exclusive setting and a high-income audience for your advertisement
  • Above-average retention times in lounges
  • Potential 1.3 million contacts a year
  • 100% coverage of all lounge passengers in Docks A and E.
  • High attention levels as no distraction from other advertising materials
  • Brilliant HD digital images reinforce the quality of your brand
  • Change of visual or multiple visuals possible any time

Contact and expert advice

If you have any questions, our Airport-Team will be glad to help