Out-of-Home advertising


Clear Channel boosts brands by inspiring and motivating people with powerful out-of-home campaigns, founded in a uniquely flexible approach to creativity and planning.

10 good reasons to choose Clear Channel.


The poster is the original advertising medium, the place where words and images come together to inspire, enlighten, move and seduce. It’s advertising that engages with people while they are out and about, living their daily lives. And it’s a medium that is more alive than ever with creative possibilities.

Out-of-home advertising is evolving with our society, enabling advertisers to connect with consumers at multiple touch points worldwide.

Our medium is reinventing itself, with entirely new ways to communicate. It is adopting and working in tandem with the very newest technologies. This includes the expansion of digital out-of-home networks worldwide and interaction with Wi-Fi, location-based apps and smartphone technology.

We’re not an off-the-shelf business. We recognize the demand for out-of-home solutions tailored to specific needs and audiences, with hand-picked locations and insightful creativity.

Behind our billboards and pixels lie decades of knowledge and experience of what makes a campaign a success. It’s not just about what's in the ad. It’s also about where and when the ad is seen. Context. Timing. Audience insight. So, while we provide the medium, we also supply the thinking and ideas about how, where and when to extend advertising concepts most effectively into the out-of-home realm. We boost brands by connecting them with the people they want to reach, with media and ideas that enlighten, entertain, charm, challenge and influence.